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Categories Of Outfits Married Ladies Can Pair With Gele To Make Fashion Statements In Any Occasion

By pairing your outfit with gele, you can take your looks to any occasion to the next level. Gele is a glamorous and traditional head wrap that can make your dressing look sophisticated.

In this article, I shall be sharing some outfits that are suitable for married women to pair with gele.

1. Lace Outfits

Lace skirt and blouse, gowns, or blouse and wrapper all make fashion statements when rocked with a gele. It is advisable to tie a black gele, however you can rock any colour of gele with your lace provided they agree.

2. Ankara Outfits

Ankara print is a category of outfits that you can create a one of a kind look with when rocked with a gele. You can pair your gele with a wide range of Ankara outfits such as gowns, skirts and blouses, short gowns and lots more.

3. George Outfits

This traditional outfit is one that is best when paired with gele. It can be rocked to wedding ceremonies, church services, parties, and other important events.

4. Aso-oke Outfits

Although this is the original fabric used to make gele, however, when worn as a dress, it can equally be combined with a matching gele to make an outstanding fashion statement.

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