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Common Mistakes Men Make With Their Shoes

Shoes are an essential part of every man's wardrobe. There is no compromising about them; you need them. The rules about shoes might look simple - wear the right color and size, but actually, there's more to it than that. Over time, there are mistakes men repeatedly make when they wear shoes. Not that the errors are taboos, but they can mess up a classy man's dressing.

Learn more in this article as we discuss the common blunders men commit with their shoes.

Flip flops and jeans

No excuse can justify this combination. If you need to get to the grocery store or stay super casual, you shouldn't wear them. Flip flops belong to your bathrooms and beachside, and they need to keep up that way.

Wearing the wrong size

How does anyone even feel comfortable with the wrong size? Some men do feel reluctant to change them. Wearing the wrong shoes can cause health issues, including blisters, sore feet, pain, and long-term foot deformities. Besides, it affects how you walk, which can build up a particular perception of you.

Clashing shoes and belt

We can't say this enough; dress shoe color should match your belt. It's simple - as black belt is to black shoes, so the brown belt is to brown shoes. Brown belt goes with most other casual outfit colors.

Clashing shoes and suit

Suits make you look competent and confident. You wouldn't want to spoil this by putting brown shoes on a brown suit. If you need to wear brown, go for navy blue, brown, wine, or dark grey shoes.

Wearing the wrong socks

Don't just wear any socks you see around. Ankle socks suit sneakers and other low canvas wears. However, longer and dark-colored socks are better for your formal outfits. Be careful with colors as well. If you are unsure, stick to black stockings as well. You can never go wrong with them.

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