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Skin Care

Here's The Remedy For The Bumps That Grow On Your Face After Shaving

Facial bumps are usually very common in people who shave.

These bumps are especially common in men because they shave their beards regularly. Some men have been living with constant discomfort due to the countless bumps in their beard area.

Here’s a simple thing you can do in the comfort of your home to clear up razor bumps for good, or at least have just a few fewer and less painful bumps.

1: Allow your beards to grow to their full potential.

Growing your beard is a very good remedy for bumps.

Here’s why growing a beard works perfectly. Razor bumps usually develop when the razor cuts hair very short. If you by chance have a curly type of hair, these shortened hairs can actually curve into your skin. Your skin will start to react to these ingrown hairs, thereby causing razor bumps.

Immediately you stop shaving, the short hairs grow again and spring out of your skin. Immediately after the trapped hairs grow again, your skin will heal completely. When your beard grows very well, your face won't be completely smooth when you shave. There will still be some hairs left, thereby preventing any bumps.

2. Change the way you shave your face.

If you really want a clean-shaven look, you can reduce the number of bumps you get on your face by changing the manner in which you shave.

Don't ever pull or stretch your chin while shaving, and never pluck a hair inside a razor bump.

Doing either can result in new razor bumps or increase the existing bumps.

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