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Modern and stunning designs of shoe racks that you should have in your room and how to maintain them

Do you desire to have a shoe rack in your room? Then, this article is one you should see and decide which way to go about it. Shoe rack can either be constructed with wood, metal, plastic and even the combination of some of these materials. It depends on your choice of interest. This article contains different shoe rack designs. While you desire to possess a shoe rack soon, there are some things you need to put into consideration. These things will help you make a quality and better decision in regard to the shoe rack to make. Beneath are few tips that will help you maintain your shoe rack.

1. In other to avoid metal rusting, ensure to paint iron rack

Rusting of iron is inevitable if proper maintenance and care is not carried out. This can be done by keeping the room cool and not spilling any liquid on or near the iron. If this is not properly taken into consideration, expect your shoes to get stained of the iron rust.

2. To avoid termite attack on wood, spray your wood with insecticide

Termite attack is very common in wood. Ensure you spray your wooden shoe rack in other to avoid termite attack. Unfortunately or sad to say, termite also feed on wears such as clothes, shoes etc. Spray your wooden shoe rack to avoid losing some of your valuable wears to insect attack.

3. Plastic racks shouldn't be overloaded

The tensile capacity of plastic or rubber differs from that of iron and wood. This mean that the load a wooden or metallic rack can withstand, plastic can't. Avoid overloading your shoe rack with big shoes. Beneath are designs of shoe racks that you should have in your room.

I trust that these few designs are cool for you. Ensure to share them with someone and don't forget to follow this page for more intriguing articles.

Photo credit: Pinterest

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