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The Benefits of Shoes and Why They May Be Important

It's easy to take good footwear for granted when you can walk into any store and choose from hundreds of various colors, sizes, and types of shoes. Many individuals in impoverished regions such as the Caribbean, West Africa, and Central America, however, do not have this luxury. Over 600 million individuals around the world do not own a single pair of shoes.

This is a pity, because the value and benefits of shoes cannot be overstated. Protective footwear that fits properly is critical for general health and comfort.

1. Shoes Help to Prevent Foot Issues

Going without shoes for an extended period of time or wearing ill-fitting shoes might lead to:


Toenail encrustation

Nail infections caused by fungus

Athlete's foot is a common ailment among athletes.

Over time, more serious complications may occur. Bunions can form, causing pain and deformity in the feet. For long periods of time, a lack of adequate foot support can cause arches to collapse and considerable joint discomfort.

2. Shoes Help to Relieve Pain

Shoes help us walk by absorbing impact, but faulty shoes (or no shoes) can put our entire body out of alignment. Pain is nearly often a side effect of shoes that don't have enough padding or don't allow for an equal stride.

Wearing bad shoes have an impact on the knees, lower back, hip joints and knees. Pain that is widespread restricts mobility, making it difficult to do daily duties.

3. Shoes Help to Prevent Infections

Sanitation is poor in many parts of the world, and sickness is rampant. People who go without shoes in locations where animal and human waste are not properly disposed of are vulnerable to parasitic worms and other foot illnesses. These conditions can be debilitating or even fatal.

When people walk around barefoot, they are vulnerable to hookworm, tick bites, and injury. Stepping on broken glass or rusty nails, being stung by a prickly bush, or developing a poison ivy rash are all causes for concern.


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