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4 parts of the body women pierce for beauty.

Body piercings is fast becoming a trend, especially among women. Many women pierce different parts of their body as they believe that it makes them look beautiful. Most of these piercings are painful, but because of the beauty they feel is attached to it, they are ready to go through the pain. Here are 4 parts of the body women pierce for beauty.

1) The Ear

Normally, most ladies have just one piercing in their ears. However, the 21st century has seen women having more than four piercings in their ears just to be more beautiful and attractive.

2) The Tongue

Many women still pierce their tongue as part of beauty. The tongue is a very delicate part of the body and piercing it will definitely come with a lot of pain, but many women do it for beauty.

3) The Nose

Many ladies pierce their nose for beauty. You see them wearing an earring in the pierced hole. They just do this to be beautiful.

4) The Navel

In many cultures of the world, women pierce their belly button to look more attractive and they end up exposing this part of the body so it can be admired by those who like such piercings.

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The Tongue


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