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Check Out 3 Ways to Wear Your Cardigan Differently

Your cardigan is one of those essential pieces that you need, but you probably don't think of it as much more than a warm layer or a method to cover up a little more.

This article has compiled a list of three unique and distinct ways to wear a cardigan that you definitely haven't considered.

1. Tied in a top knot.

Instead of being worn over your shirt, the cardigan becomes the shirt itself! It's a unique and cute way to wear it. I think it works best with high waisted pants, whether they're jeans for a laid-back attitude or a flowered skirt.

2. They're worn backwards.

Have you ever been humiliated because you wore your shirt the incorrect way? Well, that's purposeful with this outfit, so you don't have to worry about it. I think a high neck with a low back is quite chic, so I added pearl earrings to amp up the chic factor.

3. It can also be worn as a halter top.

You'll just pull off the sleeves and tie them around your neck to create a cowl neck halter top if your top is already on backward.

Are you startled by these cardigan outfit ideas, or are you one step ahead of me? Kindly share your thoughts below and also share this piece with any lady.

Content created and supplied by: Longsonkev (via Opera News )


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