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Easy tips on how to curl your hair without spending

Easy tips on how to curl your hair without spending

Hair grooming is one of the major things the world at large like doing due to the way they fancy their look and it makes them attractive. So in this article I will be writing on ways in which you can curl your hairs without spending.

*Materials needed 


2.Rubber bands


4.Hair spray

5.Hair rapid growth 

Below are steps to follow 

Make sure you wash your hair thoroughly. Do not dry the hair with towel, allow to dry on its own. 

Part or separate the hair into small sections. Use the rubber band to pack it if not long. 

Wear a tight cap to press it well and make sure to sleep with the cap on for better effect. 

Once it's morning hours, do well to remove the tight cap slowly and remove the rubber band.

Just don't comb the hair because it will make it straight again rather hand pick the hair. 

Lastly, Apply your hair growth cream and gel to style it then apply your hair spray to make it shine.

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