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Believe me Bobrisky Is More Beautiful Than Most Ladies in Nigeria(Opinion)

It’s rare for a man to be quite astonishing and pretty. The normal norms of words that a man is handsome and a woman is pretty quite seem to have limitation when applied to popular cross-dresser Idris Okuneye aka Bobrisky. Mere looking at some of his photos seem to sweep you away with his awesome beauty which gets one wondering if Bobrisky is actually a male. With make-up applied and body enhancing parts added to his body, many are left captivated by his curves and beauty.

These have seen many celebrities patronized his business since Bobrisky is a professional make-up artist and skin medics. He has used the opportunity to promote most of his products on his fan page for those who want to bleach their skin or want some improvement on it. Just like some will say he is a businessman who is using the opportunity of dressing like a woman to sell his trade others condemn him for being gay and dressing like a woman rather than being who he is.

Whichever way one will think and judge Bobrisky, the fact remains he is pretty while dressed up as a woman and I bet some men ‘tripping’ for him.

You can check out the photos below for your evaluation concerning him.

No doubt he is really beautiful. 

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