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Don't Throw Away Your Broken Makeup, See How You Can Fix It Back

There is a surprisingly simple and quick approach to repair these shattered pieces. Continue reading to learn how to repair shattered cosmetics and save your beloved blush, powder, or eye shadow.


1. Your product is faulty.

2. Alcohol for Rubbing.

3. Small bowl

4. Spoon or toothpick (I used a bottle cap as an example).

5. Tissues.


1. Begin by collecting all of your broken pieces in a small bowl.

2. Finely grind all of the pieces into a powder. You may start with a toothpick, but you'll need to crush part of it down with a spoon to get it truly broken down into fine pieces.

3. Once your product has been broken down, begin adding small amounts of alcohol. You want your goods to be completely covered in alcohol, with no dry spots, but not so saturated that the liquid floats.

4. Return your product to the pan and smooth it out evenly. This can be done with clean fingertips or a butter knife.

5. Cover your product with a tissue and soak up any excess alcohol with something flat (the rest will evaporate). This will also help your product flatten out even more.

6. Allow to dry overnight and you're ready to use it again.

Have you ever attempted to repair a broken blush, powder, or eyeshadow?

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