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Your Face Shape And the Sunglass that match (1)

The Categories of the Face Shape are;

The Round Face. You have a round face if the length and width of your facial features are almost the same, the hair line is smooth and rounded with no sharp edges. The goal is to now get a visually lengthened face by using narrowing frames. Suitable styles are such as pointed,rectangular and square frames, cat-eyed frames, butterfly glasses, aviators, wayfarers and any glasses with narrow bridges. You should avoid; round glasses, glasses with sharp edges, glasses that cover the eyebrows and geometrically shape shades.

The Oval Face. You have an oval face if the length is slightly greater than the width of your facial feature. Your chin is rounded and your cheek bone forms the widest part of your face, the forehead width is bigger than the jaw. Your goal is to not disturb your face perfect proportions, if the width of a dark frame must be greater than the height. The frame of your glasses should be wide as your face or a little wider and the top of your frame must be in line with your eyebrows. Suitable styles should be smooth-lined frames, rectangular or oval or round frames, butterfly frames, aviators and cat-eyed glasses. Avoid putting On glasses that appear too massive, glasses with sharply defined edges and narrow frames.

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Round Face


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