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Charcoal cures Ulcer permanently.

You might not know this, Charcoal is one of the medicinal products you should have in your home because it has ability to extract poison.

Its Ability to cure Ulcer

If you are treating ulcer, you should have charcoal in your house every time. Eat 2 pieces of charcoal in the morning daily. It cures Ulcer permanently, but not immediately. I'm a living witness of its ability to cure ulcer.

Ulcer patient should making it a habit to always chew some charcoal and drinking charcoal solution to eliminate cholesterol stored in the body.

Other health benefits of charcoal

Charcoal is something that everyone should give serious attention to at home for its numerous health benefits. It could be used to remove toxins from food, used for fertilisers on plants.

To make unhealthy and poisoned person well, charcoal is very useful because it solves a lot of problems.

If you want to remove toxins from vegetables, all you need do is leave the vegetables in charcoal solution overnight, then it takes it away.

If you suspect any food contains too much chemicals, just drop charcoal solution into it for some hours and you are good to go.

Charcoal is very good at getting rid of bad smell. To proof this, put a piece of charcoal in a smelling shoe overnight, the bad smell will be gone. Same applies to rooms. If you smell bad odor in your room, just drop pieces of charcoal at the for corners of the room, the smell will be gone in short time.


The solution of the charcoal does prevent body odour, keep food fresh, whitening of teeth, neutralising alcohol, healing wound, removes stain, cleanses skin, gets rid of bloated stomach and more.

My charcoal in a container.

I know a friend who had ulcer complications, was introduced to charcoal and now he's okay, healthy and sound.

A lot of people may not know this. Knowing this, you should help inform others cure their ulcers.

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