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Checkout The Meanings Of Some Colors That We Wear

In fashion, color and color combination are the key things. Knowing how to play with color and the tricks of color combination puts you at the top of the fashion game. The color we wear has a lot to say about us, even though most people do not pay attention to this. Some colors appear more appropriate and mature than the others, while others appear too flashy, shawty or even childish.

According to colour phsycology, here are what the most common colors represent in clothing. Nevertheless, colour meaning and phsycology goes beyond fashion, whether you are running a fashion brand or a business, it is important to know color meanings.

Check out the meanings of 5 common colors we wear.

1) White

White signifies purity and Innocence. Brides wear white on their wedding day to portray purity and faithfulness.

2) Yellow

Yellow is a very bright and cheerful color. It is shawty and it attracts attention, that is why most sign post on the road are painted yellow. So, if you want to be easily noticed, wear yellow.

3) Red

Red is a very emotional and intense color, it is the color of love, and that is why it used as Valentine color.

4) Blue

Blue is one of the most popular colors, it portrays calmness, loyalty and self-confidence.

5) Black

Black portrays power and authority. In fashion and clothing, it is worn often because it makes people look optically thinner than they really are. It shows leadership and strong will.

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