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Message to all ladies

The media has become a place to show off everything including life style,daily life and our health. We tend to think that if we ain't taking part in the media's trendy stuff then we cant belong. Lots of women today are already breaking the rules and slowly changing how most people think of beauty.

"Curvy" is the new sexy and lots of young women out there spread out the body prositive mind to make people realize that they dont have to change the way they look,act or follow everything that happens on the media.

"just be yourself,be proud of how you look"

"even if its curvy,thin or fat,every woman deserves to be loved and have the right to be proud of how they look"

Being skinny is not how you spell beauty but beauty is appreciating your own skin. Beauty is being confident about your body,skin,hair and even your height. Think outside the box,think that your standard is not like them and above all, learn to appreciate God for how he made you.

Eat whatever you want and don't let some diet stop you from Eating what you wanna eat.

Yeah they call you flat ass,Rock your flat ass sweetie! You owe nobody a nice shape. You are beautiful enough.

Just like Alessia Cara said"you should know you're beautiful just the way you are don't have to change a thing, Even the world could change its heart"

Less hate,spread love.

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