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Can You Wear This Kind Of Face Masks ?-See Pictures

20 20 has been a rough ride since the issue of Cora Virus went Global. In the last 6 months, million of people have lost their lives and several others recovered from the Virus.

Ever since then, people have been trying to prevent themselves from the disease with the laid down procedures by the Nigerian Center for Disease Control (NCDC) which are as follows.

1. Regular washing of hands with Water and soap.

2. Using Alcohol base Sanitizers to clean your hands and environment.

3. Wearing of Facemasks

4. Isolating yourself from other people.

The facemasks part Is the reason why we are here on this article, many people have been really misunderstanding what the concept of a facemask is and what it's use for and so they just wear anything that comes to mind.

I found those Facemasks funny so I decided to share.

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