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4 Traits of a Gentle Man

(1) Good Fashion Sense

A perfect gentle man is a man who knows the right thing to wear and how to combine them to bring out the masculinity in him. Knowing the right thing to wear and knowing the right time to wear them is called Good Fashion, you are addressed by the way you are Dressed. The first thing people notice in you is your Fashion Sense before even having a conversation with you. Wear a comfortable clothing,wear a good cologne, be neat, avoid wearing a bright color cloth under the sun, and feel good with yourself generally.

(2) Purpose Driven

A gentleman isn't a lazy man, he's a hard-working, visionary and a purpose driven Man who knows what he wants and how to get the things he want. A gentleman is a Man who takes care of his responsibilities and knows how to coordinate his Life without being a nuisance to the society. He is a Dreamer,he believes in himself,he's a goal getter,he's a Hustler, he's consistent, he's ambitious, all these attributes are embedded in a Gentleman.

(3) Education

Education is an act of learning ,a gentleman is well equipped through a Formal Education, he's has gone through the process of Education and he understands what best to do at any given time and place. Education empowers the mind, and the mind is the blueprint of our thoughts and actions. If you want to be a Gentleman,then Consider getting Education.

(4) Humanity

A gentleman is one who believes in humanity and upholds the value of Mankind. Be your brothers keeper, be kind and Affectionate, Render selfless services to Mankind and help people grow no matter how small, only a gentleman understands these things.

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