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Incredible!! See This Picture Of A Lady Wearing Bananas

 Fashion they say is evolving but I never thought a day will come that I will see this.

I have tried to decipher this attire, understand the concept behind this idea. What exactly is this for, what is trying to achieve, where is she going with it, what statement is she trying to pass across?

Even masquerades don't dress like this, masquerades are colourful and deliberate in their choice of costumes. Each masquerade represents a culture and belief and so dress to represent that. Once you see a square you identify their identity by the costume they adorn.

Which people's village masquerade is this, is it your village one? This cannot be anything but masquerade costume, nobody can tell me anything different. This lady too great effort to put on this banana. From head to too, she even has bangles and head chain to match.

The banana that she would have allowed to grow to maturity so banana lovers like us can eat and enjoy she cut short the life of the banana to do juju. 

See as she even poses for the camera as if she's the best dressed. What name do you think we should give her?

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