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How to maintain firm breasts and tips for vulvar care

Ladies get worried when their breasts begin to sag before or after giving birth. An effective means to help the situation is Uda see. You are to boil one Uda seed with the peel and take for seven (7) days. Along the line, your breasts will gradually regain firmness.

Here’s the reason Uda water is given to a woman after giving birth: Uda water helps to flush toxic and foreign substances from the body. So Uda water helps to get her back to her fit.

Extras on the subject

1. In that case, are you a woman and you experience painful menstruation, boil Uda water and little garlic, take this three days before your menstrual flow. And you will experience pain free menstrual flow.

2. After your menstrual flow, take fresh honey mixed with garlic to to keep your Vagina clean from bacterial. This will keep your Vagina fresh and restore its original fragrance.

3. As a woman, if you have big stomach and want it to return to its original for; boil Uda water and ginger, take this daily until you see a desired result.

4. For men who have big stomach and want it to return to its original form, since Uda water is not good for the male body (because it can cause watery sperm) you are expected to boil lemon grass and ginger , take it daily until you see results.

5. Do you experience any sign of fibroid? Boil Uda seed and add it enough alligator pepper and drink a full glass three times daily. This is what our great grandmothers used to cure fibroid even when modern day medical operation has not been discovered in Africa.

What are the tips for vulvar care?

1. Use warm water to wash the vulva. Dry thoroughly with a clean towel. (If the vulva is very irritated, you can try drying it with a blow dryer set on cool.)

2. The vagina cleanses itself naturally in the form of normal, vaginal discharge. Avoid using douches unless prescribed by your physician. These products can upset the natural balance of organisms.

3. Wear only 100 percent cotton underwear. Avoid wearing nylon, acetate, or other man-made fibers if you have delicate skin or are prone to vulvar irritation.

a. Avoid wearing thongs

b. Rinse underclothes carefully after washing or double-rinse

c. Avoid using too much laundry detergent

d. Wash new underclothes before wearing

e. Use a mild soap

f. Take sitz baths daily, if prescribed by your healthcare provider

g. Don't scratch

h. Avoid wearing nylon pantyhose or panty girdles

i. Don't wear your panties after urinating without proper water wash and toweling

j. Don't sit on toilet that isn't yours

k. Avoid unprotected sex

l. Avoid multiple sex partners

m. Wash vaginal well after sex to control odour

n. Use wipes if not in a conducive environment when urinating

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