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5 Rainy Season Style Inspiration for Career Women

The rainy season can be very hard to manage, and so far, has shown us it is not here to play, just as usual. If you work in locations that get water-logged often or get lots of rain, you need to prepare for it. Career ladies have a hard coping in this season as it means placing layers upon layers to stay warm and elegant as always. 

Aside from your umbrella and raincoat, your wardrobe also needs to accommodate clothes that fit the corporate environment and are suitable for the weather. From water-proof jackets to shoes that can survive in a pool of water, you need great clothes ideas to get through this season. Check out these rain-inspired outfit ideas for your formal occasions and work.

Wear dark clothes

Dark clothes tend to hide stains, and water. Even when you get drained, there is a low chance that your skin will be revealed since they are not as transparent as bright colors. It is best to choose a thick dark fabric in skirt, dress, and pants.

Invest in blazers

You probably have some blazers before the rainy season. Now is the time to use it, so they can keep you warm. Go for a bright-colored blazer and style it with a stretchy camisole and comfortable pants or skirt.

Get a jelly bag

A jelly bag is not only water-resistant but beautiful. No matter how dull-looking your outfit is, a jelly bag can transform it in a second. If you are not a fan of this, you may go for a patent leather bag who's is equally water-friendly.

Long sleeves 

Long sleeves are the right outfits to cover you up in the cold. Try pairing a long-sleep shirt with a waistcoat or sleeveless jacket to look smarter.

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