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Style Inspiration for Men’s Beach Wear

Beach events are a great way to de-stress and unwind during the weekends and holidays. It is an avenue for you to free yourself, forget your worries, and enjoy the moments. Whether it’s a weekend party or on holiday, the first thing to get you prepared is your outfits. Choosing the right set of beach clothes is as important as the party itself.

In this guide, we will discuss some style inspiration for men’s beachwear.

1. Vest, shorts, and sunshade

Beachwear does not involve going overboard with your dressing. A simple vest and shorts will do the trick as it ensures you take in the natural cool breeze. You can notch up this classic style with a colorful vest and black shade.

2. Open shirts and shorts

Athletic men particularly love this combination because it directs attention to their physique. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean others can’t wear them if they want. A blue, pink, or white shirt will complement UV-material shorts.

3. Polo shirts and short

Men's Shorts | Clothes for Beach | Men's Collection | Marc & André -  official site

Aside from being casual wear, polo shirts can suit you well for a beach party. Ensure you unbutton the buttons to give a more beachy look.

4. Colorful sleeveless and shorts

A sleeveless top does the same job as a vest. It gives you a youthful look and ensures you get adequate air. Colorful shorts are an essential clothing item on the beach. They make you look attractive and charming.

5. Don’t forget your sunshade and other accessories

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Sunglasses protect your eyes from harsh direct sunshade. They also add to your style and make you look more pleasing. Other accessories you might need include a face cap and a mat.

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