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Pregnancy period

Reasons Why a Woman May Have Itchy Breast

According to Women'shealth, the following are seven plausible explanations for why your breasts may be itchy:

The exterior is entirely too dry.

When compared to the skin that surrounds other regions of the body, the skin that surrounds the nípples is far more sensitive. Because of this, it may become more susceptible to irritation, dryness, and inflammation, particularly when the weather is more arid. The skin loses its essential oils when it is exposed to dryness and cold, which disrupts the outermost layer of the skin and leads to moisture loss as well as irritation.

You have issues with your thyroid.

The skin is just one of the many organs that the thyroid helps to control through its regulatory functions. It is common knowledge that a deficiency in thyroid hormone can cause the skin to become dry, which in turn can lead to itching. However, itchiness in the nipples is not the only symptom that may be associated with thyroid issues. Alterations in appetite, aches and pains in the muscles, and exhaustion are some of the additional symptoms.

You are now in the beginning stages of menopause.

Changes in hormone levels occur naturally during menopause, including a reduction in oestrogen production. The cessation of menstruation can have an impact on your complexion, particularly since that your body is releasing less estrogen than it once did. Estrogen insufficiency is a common symptom of menopause, which is problematic because estrogen is essential to the maintenance of good skin. In its absence, the skin loses its elasticity and becomes drier.

You have eczema.

Eczema is a skin condition that can run in families and is typically made worse by contact to the environment.

Nípples are a common location for an eczema rash, which has a distinctive appearance. Eczema rashes are typically characterized by the appearance of reddish spots or little raised lumps on the skin. However, it is possible for the rash to occur on both the bréasts and the nípples.

You are suffering from psoriasis.

Psoriasis is another skin illness, however unlike eczema, it is caused by an immunological problem rather than environmental factors.

Psoriasis also has a telltale appearance, which consists of patches of skin that are red and scaly, and they tend to form on the outside of the knees and elbows. However, the rash may manifest itself in any location, including the bréasts and the nipples.

In order to treat your breãsts cancer, you underwent radiotherapy.

Itching caused by a certain form of dermatitis (also known as skin inflammation) might begin immediately after a skin patch has been subjected to radiation, or it can begin months or even years later. Radiotherapy for bréast cancer can lead to this type of dermatitis.

Damage and scarring as a result of radiation beams penetrating the skin and reaching deeper layers of tissue are the root cause of this condition. It might be painful, itchy, or have no related symptoms at all, but it typically manifests as damaged blood vessels and hardness of the skin.

You're pregnant.

In addition to a growing baby belly, itching is another pregnancy symptom that may accompany your pregnancy. It is possible for a woman's breãsts to itch during pregnancy because to the typical physiological changes that take place throughout pregnancy, such as an increase in breast size that occurs in preparation for breastfeeding.

It is common for the skin to become dry and irritated as the breãsts grow larger because of the stretching that occurs. Some pregnant women end up with stretch marks, which is an additional source of skin irritation.

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