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5 Health Problems Caused By Tight Shoes

A dress without a shoe is isn't complete. Shoes bring out the beauty in a dress.

Dressing your best at occasions is definitely in everyone’s check list. However going through all those tough combination of dress and shoes is not easy. 

It becomes even more painful when the shoes or heels cramp your feet and your feel uncomfortable in your footwear. 

This feeling is not only painful but can also give rise to major foot problems.

Footwear’s are made to make you feel comfortable not to crank your foot and cause diseases. Whenever you are taking any footwear make sure the sole is very comfortable so it does impact your heels and toes adversely. 

Here are the list of problems tight footwears brings: 

1. Foot ulcers: Tight footwear is also a leading cause of foot ulcer in people. The ones who have diabetes are at a high risk of this disease. 

Ulcers are basically open wounds or injuries which can constantly come in touch with the footwear and rub against it making it worse case scenario. However these ulcers can be prevented if you select right type of footwear.

2. Blisters: This is caused by friction between the skin on the backside of the foot and inside your shoes.

It is very common to have blisters if you wear tight heels or shoes which do not have soft fabric. 

Blisters cause soft pockets filled with fluid. To prevent Blisters it is best to wear comfortable shoes and socks inside for prevention. 

If you have one then you can simply put a bandage over the area it will get better. Let them naturally burst to avoid scar and pain.

3. Ingrown toenails: These occur when the edge of toenails are grow into the skin of your toe. It can cause you severe pain and also cause infection. 

They commonly occur in big toe and can cause pain, swelling, and even infection. Footwear that tightly restricts your toes can cause this issue when the toe nail has no room to grow. 

Avoid this by keeping your nails short and buying the right size of footwear.

4. Corns and calluses:  Corn and calluses form when the bone of your feet rubs against the shoe again and again. Corns can appear on the top of your toes and slightly on the side of them too. 

Calluses are formed on the bottom of the toe especially under the balls of the feet. They are basically dead skin which is hard and painful to walk. This is quite common when you play sports which include friction.

5. Bunions: It is a bump which is created quite naturally when the big-toe is inclined towards other toes. It creates a bony structure which can later create many severe problems. 

Bunions can result from congenital deformities, arthritis, trauma, heredity or even by habitually wearing narrow toe shoes. It can worse the case if you wear heels and pointed shoes. Preventive measures for bunions are padded shoe inserts, and pain relievers.

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