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How do women walk in these shoes? See funny pictures of shoes and several other funny pictures

Shoes are items that act as protective coverings for our feet. They are often used to protect the soles of our feet from potential bruises and wounds caused by sharp objects on the ground. You would notice that the primary reason why people wear shoes is to protect their feet from sharp objects. That is the primary reason why people wear shoes but that doesn't mean this reason is the only reason why people wear shoes. Most people, especially women wear shoes as a form of fashion display. Often times, these fashion shows are often moderate. However, cases of extremely fashion minded shoes are common. These shoes gives regard to fashion rather than comfort (which is one of the main reasons we wear shoes).

In this article, we would take a look at some of the most odd and hilarious looking shoes that would make you shout: how do women walk in these? Scroll on and enjoy the pictures:

Funny pictures

I also promised to show you funny pictures, didn't I? Get ready to laugh so hard that your ribs may crack. Please refrain from eating any pepperish food while you viewed these pictures. We wouldn't want you to have a pepper attack, now would we? Are you ready, scroll:

Can someone confirm this?

That's last borns for you.

Have you ever seen a more annoying person?

What would your reaction be?

How can someone bear these two names together?

This is really funny.

If you fell victim, follow me, Obadan now. 🤣

Just note that that wasn't real. It's a meme, okay?

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