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See The Best Ways to Apply Cream If You Don't Want Dark shades on your Knuckles, Knees and Elbows

Dark knuckles are often referred to as fried plantain because both of them share many features in common.

Take a look at the pictures below.

Some ideas may be so simple or too primary to talk about, but you just don't know how many people who are ignorant of it. Topics such as this may get people thinking like, who doesn't know how to apply cream, how can anyone not know how to apply cream, and so on. But truth is, too many people just don't know how to apply cream.

This is evident in their body complexion. The essence of using cream is to help supply our skin with the elements that they could not get from the food we eat. This is why most people who eat good food, drink clean water and other drinks and stays away from environments that are harmful to the the body often do not use cream.

Their body has all it need to glow, so using cream again is only an advantage. But for a greater percengage of the society such as Nigeria's where they eat what they have/see and not what their body need, the case is entirely different. We seriously need this cream to supplement the deficiency of the essential elements that our skin require to grow and glow and thus, this article.

01. When applying cream on your face, make sure you run your palm gently, all over your face unto your forehead where you have immature strands of hair.

02. Run your fingers through the back of your ears and on the lines that surround your nose. Be sure to use a single finger so as to achieve a good result.

03. While applying on your arm, gently rub your palm from the back of your fingers, through your elbows up to your neck. This is why it's important to apply your cream before wearing your clothes so you can reach to all the necessary places.

Still on your arm, make sure that the right palm is on the left hand while the left palm is on the right hand. After applying on your arms up to your shoulder and neck, come down again to your elbow. Be very careful at this juncture and don't rush it. Bend your elbow and make sure that all the wrinkles are straightened, apply your cream.

Then come down to your knuckles (the joints of your fingers), bend your fingers and run the opposite palm all over them. Run them evenly from the first joint to the third one and do the same on your wrist.

04. On your legs, run your palms from your laps to your knees. Run it over again down to your knees, then bend it. After applying on your bent knees, apply also on the back side of the knees.

Then apply on your femur, that's between your knee and your your feet, make sure you bend your heel to apply on it and also bend your toe joints.

Please, spend a little time on the finger and toe joints. These are the places that usually get shades and dark reflections. Ensure that every rumpled part of your body gets their own share of the cream. This is what people people fail to do and end up getting fried plantain colorations.

Truth is, even a non bleaching cream can give you dark knuckles because of uneven distribution.

Thank you for reading through, share if you were educated.

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