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African Black Soap: A New Refreshing DIY Shampoo for Natural Hair Growth!

   African black soap is a traditional soap which is famous for it's cleansing properties and natural ingredients like cocoa pods, shea butter, honey, palm oil, palm kernel oil, and plantain bark. It is used for the cleansing of skin as a clarifying agent.

But do you know it is also great for Hair ?

It cleanses your scalp, leaving your hair clean, strong and healthy. African black soap contains natural ingredients which is perfect for your hair unlike some of the shampoos you get in stores which are filled with chemicals and Sulfate! It is also very cheap, as you can get black soap for at least #100

Here is how to make a DIY African black soap .

Things you need

• African black soap: any quantity you desire

• Water

• Essential oil of your choice. It could be coconut oil, argan oil or olive oil


• Boil your water

• Pour water in a big bowl

• Then put the African black soap into the water and leave to dissolve

• When everything is dissolved, add your choice of oil and stir

• Then pour liquid into your storage container

Your African black soap shampoo is ready for use!

Hope this was helpful? Please follow and comment your thoughts and opinions on African black soap shampoo

Thanks for reading 

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