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20+ pictures of henna designs you should check out ❤️🧡💛💚

Henna is a temporary body art technique that involves drawing designs using a henna–base ink. Henna is a plant that can be found in India, North Africa and Middle East and is usually extracted to get the ink which is mixed with other ingredients to get the final product. The use of henna designs can be dated back to India, Egypt and Morocco.

Henna comes in different colours like white black, brown, red, orange, amongst others. To make them more attractive on your fingers, you can try wearing rings wgith them.

They can be used for different occasions like marriages, parties, baby showers and for casual uses too. They are simply just beautiful.

Below are beautiful henna designs for you to tryout.

Henna is more attractive when worn with rings. It adds more details to the henna. Share these beautiful designs with your friends who love henna. Drop a comment if you liked this.

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