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Meet the Lady With One of the Longest Legs in the World

Every girl wouldn't mind having longs legs. This is because longs legs make a woman look more beautiful and attractive. If you watch closely too, you will agree with me that models usually have long legs. And I get to admire ladies with such legs a lot.

There are few ladies who have the longest legs in the world, and one of such ladies is Ren. Miss Ren is 6ft9 in height, and her legs are 53 inches. But rather than hide her legs, Ren loves nothing more than to show them off in shorts and high heels.

Ren doesn't usually like to get attention but she gets it wherever she goes because of her height. According to her, she wasn't comfortable with her height when she was growing up, but as she matured, she started accepting and loving herself. Her confidence grew and she became proud of who she is.

Ren's height is hereditary because her parents are tall. Her father's height is 6ft10inches, while her mother stands at a height of 6ft1inches. 

There are many adventures associated with being tall. In fact, one can reach or touch something that a smaller person can't touch. Even at that, there are still some disadvantages of being tall. A tall person normally hit his or her head at the base of the door.

Ren faces a challenge of finding cloths that fits her perfectly. Another challenge is getting her size in shoes. She said she preferred wearing high heeled shoes because they bring out more beauty in her.

What can you say about Ren and her height? 

Check out more of her beautiful photos below...

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