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Ladies, check out your face type to know the kind of hairstyle that fits you best

As African women, we are continuously changing hairstyles depending on the trend, from braids, to Ghana weaving, to crochet and don't even get me started on the different wig types out there.

Have you ever visited a saloon and picked out an hairstyle that looks really nice on another lady, and you start imagining how cute you are going to look after the stylist is done, only for the hair stylist to finish and you look in the mirror to see an image that looks nothing like what you had imagined in your head, and then you go on to blame the stylist for being a quack, well of course their are times that this type of embarrassing situation is actually the stylist's fault no doubt, but sometimes it's because your head shape just doesn't fit the hair style you picked. Now, before we go on, I assume you have an idea of the type of head shape you have, but to those of us that doesn't know, and to make a more comprehensive and inclusive article, I will list out the type of head shapes that has been identified.

To be absolutely sure you have the correct face structure picked, tie your hair backwards, take a picture potrait of yourself facing the camera standing/sitting up straight and then trace the outside of your face to get the accurate representation of your facial shape. An alternative to finding your facial shape is using a measuring tape to measure the length of your face from the edge of your hairline to your jaw and then measure the width of your face at different points, from the eye brow, the cheekbones and the chin. If the measurement is equal in all instances then you have a square face, if your chin is wider than the others, then you have a triangular face. If your eyebrow width and chin width is similar, but your hairline to chin is longer, then you have a rectangular face.

1. Moving forward, people with a rectangular face structure- Avoid bang hairstyles or popularly known as fringe in this part of the world with sharp cuts, if you must make fringe, make sure the frontal cut is soft and well rounded to avoid looking too angular and robotic. Also, avoid curly and long hairstlyes, this just makes the sharp features of your forehead and jaw to look more pronounced, go for medium length curls, and straight hairstyles to better disguise those overly sharp edges. When going for up do, avoid buns that are too high, rather go for sleek and long updos that will add elegant to those beautiful sharp features of yours. 

2. Oval faces- People with oval faces are probably the luckiest of the bunch (if i do say so myself) because this face type suits a wide range of hairstyles. But if you are looking for the hairstyles that suits your face type the most, it's short hair, either a bob or a really cute, short crop, this styles gives oval faces a soft and chic look. After short hair, the next best thing is really long hair styles with either a center parting or a side parting.

3. Square head- people with a square head have a wide forehead and a very strong jawline. The best tested and trusted way to offset this wide and sharp feature is to always go for side partings, even if you are going for short hairstyles, the side parting will draw more attention to your cheekbones rather than your forehead and jawline. This side parting rule is also beneficial for people with a heart face shape, the side waves draws more attention from your forehead to your jaw, heart shaped faces should avoid center parting at all costs. It doesn't work.

4. Diamond face types- For this face structure, the cheekbone is at the widest point of your face making an obvious statement. Chin length bob works to widen the appearance of your jaw, side parten softens the appearance of your cheek bones, and if you're looking to show off your cheekbones because let's be honest, cheekbones are really elegant things that adds beauty to people's faces, (I've always coveted cheekbones since i can remember). Anyways, a sleek back ponytail shows off the cheekbones better than anything else.

5. Round faces- these are common in people with chubby cheeks and a wider forehead. Layered hairstyles works to add angles to the face, it looks better as a centre parting, avoid hiding your face behind lots of hair, this only makes your face look wider, instead, go for sleek long hairstyles because it will make your face appear longer. Also, fringe looks best for this type of face structure, as fringe brings about a well balanced angle to the face. Another trick to help the face look narrow is to leave a little part of your hair untucked and flowing on your face, it gives an asymmetrical appearance of length. If you are trying to rock your round face, short bobs or pixie cut will look daring but good on you.

6. Trianglar face- When picking out an hairstyle it is important to ensure that it takes attention away from the wider and lower part of the face and so at all costs avoid straight bob cuts especially the ones that end at your chin, it is not a pretty sight, ensure that your hairstyle is always longer, atleast long up to the collar bone. If at all you want to make a shorter hairstyle then a chopped pixie cut would look better than a bob.The above picture represents inverted triangle, it is not to be confused with actual triangle, inverted triangle face type is similar to heart shape structure.

Hope these tips helps to give you a glamorous look every time you step out. Follow this page for more beauty tips

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