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Fourteen Times Ifedioku Served Wardrobe Goals, She Is A Fashionista

Klara Kalu popularly known as Ifedioku is a beautiful lady, with her Instagram and Twitter handle @Ifedioku, is from the Eastern part of Nigeria, she is from Abia State precisely.

She is a participant of the Purple Hibiscus Creative Writing Workshop.

What brought her to limelight in the photo She took to her Twitter account page @Ifedioku to share a photo of her without make up, or earrings, she rocked a very simple nice gown and still looks really beautiful that can't resist her beauty, because she is specially made.

This photo got this beautiful lady reactions from online social media users with over 3000 comments, 3267 retweets and over 43.4k likes on the posted photo with so many people admiring her beauty.

She is indeed natural beautiful and adorable, and she can serve very well as a model.

She is black and she is very proud of her skin colour.

Ifedioku is a writer, when she isn’t writing, she is thinking up new flavors for ice cream. She is still waiting for her admission letter from Hogwarts.

Apart from being beautiful, Ifedioku is also a fashionista as she has served fashion goals in fourteen photos I'm going to be sharing.

1) She slayed a nice yellow scarf, half length blouse and a red velvet skirt.

2) She slayed a nice red rubber gown, blue jean jacket and a black sneakers.

3) She slayed a nice silver sequins short gown, and a blue jean.

4) She slayed a black sleeveless top, black trouser, a grey hood / jacket and nice sneakers.

5) She slayed a nice black Isi Agu Shirt.

6) She slayed a beautiful White Top and a black rubber skirt.

7) She slayed a nice blue shirt, a blue jean and a sneakers.

8) She slayed a nice grey short sweater gown.

9) She slayed a nice sleeveless top, a short blue jean skirt and a black sandals.

10) She slayed a nice blue Ankara outfit and she looks pretty good on it.

11) She slayed a beautiful yellow rubber gown a black jacket and a nice yellow ankara hair scarf.

12) She took fashion to another lever sad she slayed a nice half length top made with yellow wool, she rocked it with an orange skirt.

13) She Rocked a multicoloured top made with wool, she slayed it with a black jacket, black trouser and a white sneakers.

14) She slayed a simple black gown and a nice scarf, This is the photo and outfit that brought her to limelight.

She is indeed very beautiful.

All this photos shared shows that Ifedioku is not just beautiful, but she is also a fashionista, and she is also very stylish.

A Fashionista is a person who produces and promotes high fashion. Or someone who dresses after current trends. So kind of a reflection of the general idea.

This is one of the remarkable trait of fashionistas, wherein they have all the fashion essentials from having a little black dress, a pair of denims and most particularly neutral coloured clothing like black and navy. They prefer solid colours over prints and they look for the value for their wardrobe choices.

They never mind spending on those clothes which are of a great quality and those which can last for a long time.

Stylish people rarely come across the realisation that they love looking good at the ripe age of, well, full-blown adulthood.

Stylish people are more likely to have a wealth of coming of age stories tied to fashion.

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