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Beautiful Pictures Of Young Ladies With Hijab Posted On Instagram

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I will like to use this medium to express my thoughts about hijab, it's advantage to ladies

The hjb involves wearing clothing that is not tight fitting and that covers a woman's body with the exception of her face, hands and feet.

I want my followers to take look at the following Beautiful pictures of young ladies with hijab and those that has not and compare between the two.

Let start with this gorgeous lady with a descent dress

A hijab is a body covering scarf that some Muslim women wear in public.

For many such women, the hjb signifies both modesty and privacy.

In some cases, the hijab is worn by a woman when she's with men who aren't in her own family.

Can you mentioned three advantages of hijb

Hijab is nothing but beauty and respect


Content created and supplied by: AhmadGidadoDabai (via Opera News )

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