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2 Natural Ways You Can Use To Grow Eyelashes

Full lashes instantly open up the eyes and are minimal maintenance because they don't require wearing fake lashes every time!

Long, thick lashes help contour the face, and even though they're natural, they're nonetheless gorgeous, especially when accentuated with mascara. Full lashes instantly brighten the entire face, exude trendy feelings, and complement any look that is delicate yet effortlessly attractive.

Many women, however, are not gifted with thick lashes, making fake lashes the go-to alternative, but for those who have, these two simple methods work to naturally stimulate the hair and make it grow and shine.

Here are two methods for growing eyelashes:

1. Egg Whites

By stimulating the hair follicles, egg whites help to develop and thicken the lashes, preventing them from falling out!

How to do it:

1. Separate the yolk from an egg and combine it with the egg white.

2. Using a lash brush, apply egg white to (clean) lashes.

3. Apply the egg white overnight to the lashes.

4. As usual, wash your face after a bath.

(Do this frequently to keep your lashes longer and stronger.)

Vaseline (Vaseline)

Growing and strengthening lashes with petroleum jelly/Vaseline is a typical practice. In a few days/weeks, it acts as a conditioner and seals in moisture, making the lashes stronger and fuller.

How to do it:

1. Use a cotton bud or lash/mascara brush to apply Vaseline to clean lashes (just enough for the lashes).

2. Apply it to your lashes and leave it on for at least an hour to deeply moisturize them.

3. Wash off the next day when you take a bath.


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