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See Some Funny Photos Of What I Ordered vs What I Got shared by Heartbroken Nigeria Customers.

So many Nigeria fashion designers are very poor, believe me, many of them find it very difficult to make a simple style for their customer.

So today, we have some funny pictures of what Nigeria customer post on internet of what they order for and what they get.

Many times customers find it very funny, and they have to upload both what they ordered and what they get for people to see on the Internet.

Below here, we have some of those pictures, and we are going to show you some pictures of some Nigeria who posted the opposite clothe of what they ordered and what they get from their stylish.

So many of these clothes are very very funny to believe me most of them are not even near to what they told their stylish to make, for them, indeed it is very funny.

Let's take a look at some of the pictures I'm telling you most of are very funny and you are going to laugh tirelessly, many customers believe it not to be funny at all, because these people use their money to buy those materials for their stylish to make those clothes for them.

To be honest, most of those clothes are very very funny in fact I can even say its out of what they ordered for.

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