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See What They Did To Achieve Natural Curly Hair

You were probably thinking you would see pictures of white people, right? I am glad I was able to shock you. This is an African. And no, he did not relax his hair or add any chemical, shampoo, or other ingredients.

This is an Ethiopian man from the Afar Tribe. Just like the Fulani people of Nigeria, the Afar people are nomads. They depend mostly on livestock, especially goats, camels and cattles.

Their distinctive afro hairstyle is created using butter and cow fat. This elaborate look is achieved by twisting hair round a stick. The butter and cow fat keeps the hair in place and also protects it from direct sunlight, giving it a silky feel.

Due to the fact that the Afar tribe are nomads, they have constant supply of butter and cow fats.

The African hair is arguably the most beautiful kind of hair in the world. But most Africans would rather use synthetic hair or hair from other races than take care of their own.

Many African organization also frown at African hair. They would prefer you use a wig to cover your natural hair, or cut it completely, than style it and show it to the world.

Africans must learn to appreciate the beauty we have been bestowed with.

Here are more pictures of the Afar Tribe's natural curly hair:Wouldn't you love to have this kind of hair?

Content created and supplied by: tc_henry (via Opera News )

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