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Common Wardrobe Storage Mistakes That Can Damage Your Clothes

There are some things we unconsciously take for granted and that's how to keep our clothes safe in our wardrobe. We sometimes find out that some clothes just begin to wear out without knowing the cause, it could as a result of how they were stored.

When storing our clothes, not everyone knows how to do it properly. Sometimes, our beautiful and expensive clothes are ruined because of that.

Let's take a look at common mistakes you should avoid to keep your clothes as good as new:

* Using wrong or less hangers.

Try and get enough hangers and not having 5 hangers for 20 or more pieces of clothing. This is because when you layer several pieces of clothing, each outfit won't be able to "breathe" and they becoming pressed together and ruffled. They could even spread germs this way especially if you hang with clothes you don't wash after use.

* Use hangers according to clothing sizes.

Don't put heavy coats, leather jackets e.t.c on small and thin hangers.

* Outfit made of delicate fabric shouldn't be put on old wooden hangers that might tear the fabric.

* Storing knitted clothes and sweaters wrongly.

Knitted and woven clothes shouldn't be stored on hangers. This makes them lose their shape and become loose. Shelves are perfect for storing these types of outfits

* For woven sweaters, fold and keep them on a separate shelf. If you put something on top of it, it can break its shape.

* Avoid keeping long dresses on hangers

Outfits which are long enough to touch the floor are best stored on a bar. This way, you won't have to iron them very often or get them dirty easily when touching the floor.

*Incorrectly storing pant trousers.

The best way to store pants is a hanger that clips the entire length.

* Avoid folding bras in half. If you fold bras like this, there is a risk that you might spoil the appearance of these items and make them lose their shapes.

It's better to arrange your bras so that the left cup of one bra sits by the same cup of the next one.

* Outfits like blouses, shirts, and dresses made of delicate fabric should be put on hangers that match their sizes. 

Wool fabrics and knitted clothes are best stored on shelves to avoid stretching them.

* Ensure you don't forget to button or zip up clothes that have zips before hanging. There is a better chance that your clothes will keep their shape this way.

Content created and supplied by: QuantumFashionHacks (via Opera News )


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