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3 Most Expensive Sneakers In The World

The sneaker has become the best shoe people are wishing to wear from both guys and ladies, which makes sneakers the most trending shoe, from the rich guy to the average guy but the more people are buying it the more it becomes expensive, well no matter how expensive it may be there are always the ones you can afford to buy.

In the article, I will show you 5 most expensive sneakers in 2021

Air Jordan collaborations ( Air Jordan 3 retros design collaboration with DJ Khaled, and Macklemore collaboration with air Jordan sixes ) $25000.

These are made with Dj Khaled signature and little design and also Macklemore simple signature but only 23 pairs are made.

They were sold at the auction for $25000 

Number 2 is Eminem's collabed with Carhartt air Jordan for retros $32000 to celebrate the anniversary of the Marshall Mathers LP in 2015.

They are made with Eminem signature for branding and a Jason Voorhees mast at the heel. Selling on eBay for $12000 but the auction is $32000 for the Marshall Mathers foundation

8 Nike Air back to the future 2016 $35000 but 15000 pairs available 

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Air Jordan Carhartt Dj Khaled Macklemore eBay


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