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Ladies, Check Out 6 Ways To Tell If YOU Are Wearing The Right Bra Size

Did you know that eight out of ten women wear the incorrect bra size? It's possible that you're wearing the wrong size if you're a 34B or 36C. It is critical to wear the correct bra size to ensure that your busts receive the support they require.


1. Do You Have A Spillage Problem?

If you have extra bra tissue on the top, sides, or bottoms of your bra, it is likely that the cup is too small.

Solution: Because no one wants a nip slip or quadra-boobs, go up a cup size or two.

2. Isn't The Center Of Your Underwire Flat On Your Chest?

If the underwire does not rest flat on your chest when you lift your arms, the cup size may be too small for you. Keep in mind that if you see a small gap, it's fine.

Solution: Increase your cup size. If this still doesn't work, it's possible that your busts are spherical and close together. If this is the case, try on a variety of bra styles. I have the same problem with some bra styles.

3. Is Your Bra Tissue Being Picked At By The Underwire?

When wearing your bra, you shouldn't even be able to feel the underwire.

Solution: Go up a cup size and you won't have to deal with annoying underwires any longer.

4. Is There a Wrinkle Or a Gap?

When you look down, there should be no space between your skin and the bra.

Solution: Reduce your cup size by one. You might even notice a more defined cleavage.

4. Are Your Straps Slipping Away From You?

This indicates that your band size is too large. This could also indicate that you have narrow shoulders.

Solution: Reduce your band size. Remember that your band should only be able to accommodate two fingers. If your shoulders are thin, consider adjusting the straps a little.

5. Slipping Down In Your Strapless Bra?

Without a doubt, the bra does not fit you properly.

Solution: Reduce your band size by one or two sizes.

6. Are Your Straps Ruining Your Skin Or Is Your Back Band Riding Up?

First and foremost, this ensemble isn't cute! Second, your straps are biting into your flesh because your band is too loose to provide the support your breasts require.

Solution: Simply reducing the band size should suffice.

Tip: Never buy a bra that fits perfectly at the tightest strap. Because the band extends over time, you should always choose one that feels right at the loosest strap.

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