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Why waste money? Do these nine things every early morning to have a glowing and spotless skin.

Our early morning routine or habits have a way of affecting our skin. It's very important you practice healthy morning routines.

Here are some morning routines that would help your skin glow more:

1. Start with a glass of hot water mixed with lemon and honey: Drinking hot water in the morning helps cleans your system. When you add honey and lemon it helps give your skin that natural glow. Or you could just drink the water without any lemon or honey mixed in it.

2. Wash your face with warm water: Washing your face with warm water helps loosen and remove the dirts deep in the skin.

3. Soak your face in ice: Ice helps tighten the pores,it's adviced to deep your face in ice for a little time. Doing this helps remove puffiness around the eyes,reduces oil on the face,helps reduce wrinkle and aging. In a bowl pour some ice in it, and deep your face in it for 10 seconds, remove your face for 5seconds and put it back for another 10 seconds. Do this 4 times. This should be done after washing your face with warm water.

4. Face massage: Massaging your face is a very important step in getting a healthy glowing skin. It helps promote oxygen and blood flow,it also helps prevent wrinkles on the face.

5. Use a face scrub: Scrub helps get rid of dirt and exfoliate the face, scrub is an important routine. You do not need to buy a scrub, just make one yourself with sugar and coconut oil or olive oil and use on your face. Note you shouldn't have a face scrub every morning,it should be done twice a week.

6. Face mask: Face mask helps nourish the skin. It helps tired and unhealthy skin. It is the perfect healthy skin formula.

7. Cleans with a mild cleanser: you can make a mixture of aloe vera gel, and liquid soap,Use a cotton bad to gently clean your face.

8. Finish it up with a good moisturizer: If you do not have a good moisturizer you can use Shea butter.

9. Do not forget your lips: Make a lip scrub with honey and sugar. Scrub your lips to give it a healthier and rich look. Allows apply a lip balm or Vaseline after the scrub.

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