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Secret remedies for hair breakage

Hair breakage is one of the common happenings amongst ladies; although this happenings are sometimes seen as natural by small percentage of woman but in actual sense, it's a situation that needs immediate attention to avoid building foundation for future regretanle-situations that may be out of control.

What is hair breakage?

This a situation when the hair shaft (this is the part of the hair visible from the scalp or head. It is made of protein called "Keratin") breaks off.

Signs of hair breakage:

1.Check your ends:

Check the ends of the hair for splits. If the ends of the hair splits into multiple smaller hair, it is a sign of breakage.

An example is shown in the photo below

2.Check for fallout:

If you often find boken hair pieces on the bathroom floor, it's a sign of breakage. But remember, so times, this condition is natural.

3. Check for lack of moistures:

A heathy hair should have a natural shine on it. If hair is extremely dry and lack moisture, it is a sign of breakage.

4. Check for tangled hair:

A healthy hair should be easy to comb. If after shower the hair remains tangled and hard to comb, your hair is probably damaged. And it's as a result of hair breakage which sometimes causes the hair to tangle.

5. Check for uniform texture of hair.

Check for smoothness using your hands from the tip of hair to the scalp and notice any difference. If there is, it's possibly due to breakage.

Causes of hair breakage

There are diverse causes of hair breakage. The followings are common practices that leads to hair breakage but not limited to:

1. Constant use of hair relaxer

2. Washing your hair with hard water

3. Using cotton pillows

4. Heat styling and blow-drying your hair

Natural remedies for hair breakage.

1. Coconut oil hodgepodge.

2. Green tea

3.Onion juice

4 Garlic

Coconut oil hodgepodge:

Coconut oil is extracted from coconut fruit, having natural vitamins to reverse adverse effect on hair caused by relaxer.

How to make coconut oil:

Step 1:

* Break open the coconut

* let out the water in it

*Remove the coconut fruit

Step 2

*Cut coconut fruit into small pieces

* Blend the pieces

*. Add some hot water and blend into past (very necessary)

* Pour into bowl and massage

Step 3

* Use a clean cloth to separate the water from the cream

* Leave over night to allow the paste separate from the water

Step 5 

 *Gently scoop the paste out and place on frying pan

*Place on low heat and allow the oil to extract.

*Gently separate the extracted oil and store

How to apply cocoanut oil hodgepodge:

Pending on the length of your hair, use 2 to 3 teaspoon of the oil to massage your hair gently. Then cover hair with shower cap and leave it on over-night. This should be repeated daily for a week.

Green tea:

Green tea has the property to enhance hair growth and prevent fungal growth.

Method of application

* Add 1or 2 teaspoon of powdered green tea to 1 teaspoon of coconut oil

*Mix and apply gently on hair

* Leave for 10 minutes and wash off with cold water

* Repeat daily for a week.


Garlic is rich in sulphur which is a building block of keratin (a protein found in the hair). It protect the hair from breakage and fungal growth.

Method of application:

* Cut unto pieces 6 gloves of garlic

* Add 5 spoons of coconut oil into a container

* Add the the pieces and leave for 1 week.

* Apply on hair and leave for an hour

* Wash off 

* Repeat daily for a week.

thanks for your time.

please comment to share ideas or for more explanation.

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