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5 Casual Jackets Ideas For Every Classy Man

Sometimes, all you need to tone down a serious look is a jacket but you need to do that with the right jacket. If you're curious to know which jackets are the best you can use to achieve the casual look, keep reading. 

1. Denim jacket

Male Ripped Jeans Coat Men Casual Denim Jacket - -

The denim jacket otherwise called the jean jacket is no doubt the most popular and functional jacket when it comes to having the casual look. They come in a range of colours and designs. The blue colour is the most versatile as it comes in different other shades.

2. Leather jackets

The leather jacket is next to the jean jacket in versatility. The get the best casual look if it's well fitted and not oversized. So when shopping for one, ensure its sleeve length is not too long and the body width not too wide. You want to try and get one that has a length that side just above the hips.

3. Bomber jacket

This is probably ranked top when it comes to the variety of styles and designs. It can be slim and plain, big and patterned, loud or simple but it all serves the same purpose. It depends on you and what you prefer to get the best one that will meet your needs.

4. Windbreaker jacket

This jacket is also good for cool weather with a lighter weight that can withstand slight cold. Despite this, it maintains its casual look and can help you the same when you have one in your closet. 

5. Fleece Jacket

This is your go-to jacket anytime anyway. Its ability to dry quickly is a feature that makes it a great option for rainy days.

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