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Priscilla Ojo fashion sense is a child's play when compared to that of Susan Pwajok [photos]

Fashion is a huge term in the modern world. It is style, comfort, trend, all that the same time Everybody wants to fashionable these days. But the problem is that fashion varies with age, geography boundaries, race and culture. What is fashionable to one may be out of the world for another. There is no exact definition to good fashion sense.

If you are not sure what clothes work best for you, have look at the most flattering items to you already own. If those high - skinny jeans and that empire waist dress are working for you, you should shop for other pieces with the same sillhouete......this article is going to be about very own female Nigerian celebrities, Priscilla Ojo and Susan Pwajok showing you guys that Priscillia Ojo fashion sense is merely a child's play when compared to that of Susan Pwajok.

Let's have a look at some of their mouth watering pictures.

Let's start with Priscilla Ojo leaving the best for the last.

Priscilla Ojo

Susan Pwajok

I think this pretty damsel killed it [opinion]

The concept of sense and nonsense is the fashion for men and women is vast. It varies with culture, geography and beliefs. Seasonal changes also affect the fashion trends of a particular place. There is no clear demarcation between sense and nonsense of men's and women's fashion. The ugly truth is that it depends on the people around you and and their ideas of fashion.

[Source: Wikipedia]

Kindly drop your comments on who you think killed it [please no insult].

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