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5 Mistakes Ladies Make When Buying A Fashionable Bra

Fashion encompasses what you wear on the outside, it is your overall sense and way of dressing, starting from your bath, underwears, creams, perfumes, hair, shoes, clothes, nails and so on. A lady will be making a great mistake if she feels her underwears play a little role when it comes to her fashion. 

Bra has over the years ridicule the fashion of many ladies, it is rather sad that most ladies don't realize that some of their fashion flaws is as a result of their bra.

You need to understand that every outfit has its unique and specific bra that fits nicely, however, there are some outfits that don't need bras at all. To this effect, below are 5 major mistakes most ladies make when buying a bra, that if worked upon, will improve their fashion. 

1. Wrong Band Size: A lady wearing a wrong band size of her bra can go a long way in affecting her entire outfit. When your band size is too big or too small, it affects your fashion greatly. Therefore, every lady need to take note of this. 

2. Wrong cup size

When buying any fashionable bra, ensure you buy a bra whose cup is your size, if it means using a tape to measure it, please do. Wrong cup size can ridicule your outfit. 

3. Following style: For every fashion and kind of outfit you wish to appear in, there is a corresponding style of bra that goes with it. However, do not be carried away in following styles and end up buying bras ypu don't need.

4. Fitting issues: If it means sizing your bra before buying them, please do to avoid fitting issues. Thanks.

5. Following overall body posture: When obtaining a bra, the only and major thing you should consider is your bra size and not your entire body posture. Your body posture has nothing to do with your bra size. Thanks 

Please feel free to share this with any lady you know so she can learn. Thanks.

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