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15 Craziest Haircut Trending In Our Planet (See Photos)

Honestly I must tell you, people put up some crazy acts all in the name of fashion. Meanwhile we all know fashion is good but my little candid advise is that one should barb the type of hair that fits his career or profession. Imagine an Engineer having that haircut to someone's office, do you think he would be attended to, or a lawyer or Barrister carrying that style of hair to the law court, what will become of the person or imagine any force putting up that style of hair it's not possible I guess.

Any way these hair cut are not that horrible and I bet you, you would be controversial in this side of our country if you ever tried one of these hair style below.

Let's take a look at some of the images:

This have his hair shaved into a fruit and was sprayed to the shape and color of the fruit.

Imagine this the of hair cut, I bet you these young man has struggled with his hair for years with out cutting it out to shave it into a cap form but these haircut will be dominant in those places with high sun frequency.

Imagine this picture this man have his hair carved with a person defecating would you try this type of haircut?

This hair cut is cut into a next imagine you having this type of hair cut and all of a sudden, bird perched on it to test thinking it was a nest.

I bet you no Nigerian mother or father will try those two pictures below on their children or a teenager barbs this and comes home don't be surprise you would be disowned by your father.

Which haircut would you try to cut or preferred just for fun.

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