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DIY: How To Cut And Sew Agbada

'AGBADA' is the Yoruba name for a kind of big wide-sleeved robe, commonly adorned with embroidery at the neck that is worn all through Nigeria, generally by significant men, similar to kings and bosses, and on special events like weddings and memorial services. 

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The Hausa name for the robes is "Riga". It generally comprises of an inward outfit and an external streaming robe and it is worn for uncommon occasions and events. 

Sewing an Agbada isn't complicated as anyone can sew a gorgeous streaming wide-sleeved robe with the accompanying aide. 

How To Cut And Sew Agbada | Jiji Blog


1. Texture or material of seven or eight yards. 

2. Scissors 

3. Pen/pencil/marker 

4. Body measurements: The body insights required are: 

• Neck-to-hand: Place your estimating tape at your neck and measure to your hands 

• Chest/bust: Place your estimating tape around your chest or forget about it 

• Neck to elbow: Place your estimating tape at your neck and measure to your elbow joint 

• Shoulder to leg/feet: Place your estimating tape at your shoulder and measure from your shoulder to wherever on the far side of your knees. 

How To Cut And Sew Agbada | Jiji Blog

5. Estimating tape and ruler 

6. Following the wheel 


Since you have your apparatuses and estimations arranged, here comes the main piece of making an Agbada – the cutting. The example paper for the cutting ought to be as large as possible conceivable: you can utilize papers or backdrop rather than proficient example paper. 

Follow these means and figure out how to cut Agbada design. 

Crease your example paper in 0.5 at the more drawn-out side. 

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Cut the paper with the goal that its length is your shoulder-to-knees estimation, and the width is neck-to-hand long. Utilize this table to decide your neck width. Imprint the acquired estimation on the more limited side of the example. 

Measure three inches from the side of the example on the more drawn-out side and draw a curve between the 2 focuses. 

Now, you can add an opening to the neck area. Measure the length from the neck to the chest (it's regularly around eight inches) and define a boundary on the example. Then, at that point draw an inclination line from the chest line to the neck area. 

Turn the example around and move the back neck area. Measure 1 inch from the edge of the example and make an L-molded slice to the place of neck width. 

Unfurl your example and wrap up cutting the Agbada on the lines. 

Presently you need to change the lower part of the Agbada. Imprint your neck-to-elbow estimations on the 2 sides of the example and make little nips at each imprint. 

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Open up your example. This is the thing that it should seem like toward the end. 

Sewing an Agbada gets basic form here. Just after the means underneath: 

Stage 1: Trace your example on your material of decision. Remove what you have followed. Then, at that point, overlap every one of the edges either once utilizing a sewing machine or overlocking machine to lock the finishes first and afterward sewing or twice by collapsing the closures sewing and sewing. 

Stage 2: you can decide to plan the neck area of your agbada by utilizing an embroidery machine. Assuming you don't have an embroidery sewing machine, essentially take your Agbada not yet sewed along to individuals that do and can make weavings. 

33 How Many Yards To Sew Agbada - Sew At Home

Stage 3: At the lower part of the Agbada, where you have clipped, line five inches upwards to join the two sides of the Agbada together and afterward to the sides. Cut off the overabundance. 

You are finished. 

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