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4 Types of Bracelets for Men

A bracelet is one of the minimalist ways of adding adornment to a man's dressing, and a stylish accessory many men often ignore. It shows that a man is fashionable and intentional about keeping his style on top. Like wristwatches, bracelets come in leather, fabric, and chains. Depending on your choice, any of these bracelet types will suit you. 

Also, bracelets fit any occasion, whether a formal or casual event. These fashion pieces are not only stylish but also complement your outfit. The rule involved in using a bracelet is to ensure it doesn't contradict your entire outfit. At the least, it should merge with your wristwatch. If you seek a suitable bracelet, check out these four types to get you started.

Metal bracelets

Metal bracelets like wristwatches come in either gold, silver, or any other metals. They are usually tiny and add more style to your wristwatch. Ensure your metal bracelet fits on your wrist, and it should be of the same color as your wristwatch.

Beaded bracelets

Beaded bracelets are common bracelets used for young men, but older men can also use them. They come in black or colorful beads with silver or gold metal in between the beads. Ensure the beads are not too colorful or bright to contradict your outfit.

Leather bracelets

These are made in animal or synthetic leather with straps to keep them in place on your wrist. If you have a leather wristwatch, consider this bracelet to complement it.

Fabric or woven bracelets

These bracelets are made of cotton or canvas material woven to form a bracelet. They are durable and feel comfortable on the wrist

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