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“Fashion or Nonsense”- Clothes Pegs Are Now Being Sold As Earrings For up to 170k (Photos)

Over the years the fashion industry has changed dramatically, and ambitious designs continue to be generated. Even the creations of some designers take inspiration from ordinary things and most of the time, their designs never fail to deceive us. 

The fashion world, however, is full of unexpected trends that most of the time they left us wondering how some of these styles first became a 'in' thing. So what are we to guess?

Designers aren't finished yet and one of them turns your mother's clothes pegs or clothespin into expensive earrings, whatever you want to call it, but yeah, a designer transforms it into expensive earrings.

There's so much about the trend we just don't understand. We see these strange phenomena floating around the internet and most of the time we were curious why they first became a thing. Those strange things just keep going, however, and people can not get enough of them. 

Having said that, Jewelry brand Ambush has now launched a new earring design that looks exactly like a peg cloth. The bright statement item, called the Ambush Nobo clip earring, is a expensive one.

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