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10 Times Neymar Has Wowed Us with His Hairstyles

Since the time of England legend David Beckham, no footballer has generated as much media attention as Brazilian star Neymar. While he creates media attention for his on field actions, he generates much more attention for his off field antics.

He is known for his very daring and wild fashion styles, regularly being found attending fashion shows and socializing with celebrities and the likes.

One major aspect of his style that gets people talking is his interesting hairstyles. Neymar regularly flaunts bold hairstyles both on and off the pitch and that’s what we would be looking at here.

10. The Poodle

During a meet with Beckham at Paris Fashion Week, Neymar was sporting a new poodle looking hair.

9. Going Bald

Neymar surprised his fans by going on an Instagram live chat with a completely shaved head. He posted a selfie with the caption “bald gang”.

8. Blonde Marley

Causing a bit of commotion Neymar sported a head full of bright dreadlocks, which later started to fall out when he played a game with them.

7. The Braids

As a comeback for the failed dreadlocks, Neymar experimented again this time with braids.

6. Desert Warrior

In his early footballing days Neymar used to be found with a hairstyle similar to that of the ‘Mad Max’ road warrior.


5. Joker Mode

Prior to Halloween Neymar displayed a new hairstyle that was later part of his Joker costume for Halloween.

4. Pink Panther

Just before PSG’s game against Montpellier in 2020, Neymar unveiled another colour themed hairdo, pink this time.

3. The Noodles

During Brazil’s 2018 World Cup campaign, Neymar displayed among others a noodle themed hair that brought him a lot of criticism.

2. The Dragon King

In what seemed like his version of ‘Game of Thrones’ character queen Khaleesi, Neymar stunned his fans with a similar looking hairdo.

1. The Bat-Signal

Ahead of the Brazil’s World Cup 2022 qualifier with Columbia, Neymar has again come with a new hairdo that has the famed Bat-Sgnal, in a nod the Batman franchise.


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