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Meet The Brazilian Woman Elaine Davidson The Famous Body Piercing And Some Real Fact About Her

Elaine Davidson The most pierced woman, was born in Berinsfield, Scotland.

In May 2000, Elaine had 426 Piercing with 192 Piercing in her face alone which was examined by the official of Guinness world record.

During the 9th of August 2001, she was reexamined and they found out she have 720 Piercing. At the performance of Edinburgh festival in 2005, the guardian said she now has 3,950 body Piercing.

She holds Guinness world record for the most pierce Brazilian woman in the world. She has many Piercing in her genitals than any other part of her body. As at may 2008 , Elaine Piercing is 5,920 and during February 2009, her Piercing total is 6,005.

At march 2010, her Piercing is 6,725 and during March 2012 the total of all her Piercing is now 9,000.

She is a former nurse and now resides in Glasgow, Scotland.

See her photos below..

The total weight of her internal Piercing is estimatedly total of 3 kilograms.

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