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Photos: Adorable Make-up Transformation Depicting Creativity And Beauty (Before And After)

Creativity comes with intuition, which is an ability to understand something without much reasoning. Also, creativity is inherent, which means it is born, though not everyone is born with creativity, creativity can be mastered, and later on, be given out. The Holy Book, the Bible said that the gift of a man would make room for him. For all the makeup artists, they have created ways for themselves with their creativity because they know it is a gift. The continuation of that part of the Holy Book, says and will make him stand before Kings, and not mere men, in other words, if you check the profession of the make up artiste, you will see that without no contradiction some of them, if not all have been to places due to their job, and some of them are making a great living out of that profession.

Let us talk a little about makeup, it artificial adding of some other things to your body, to make more beautiful, my definition though. Many had seen as a form deception, which had made many conclude that, if you want to know a beautiful woman, check her when she just woke up, but I will talk this way, everyone is gorgeous, though that is examined by whoever sees the person, and an English saying goes thus; one man's food is another man's poison, which in other words means that, what is beautiful to you might not be attractive to another person. And we all have a different perspective on things.

As much as many, see makeup as a form of deception, some see it the best way to display you're beautiful, this can be true, because to a high level, it's not everyone who does makeup that looks beautiful, some will still not look appealing even after they're done with the makeup. And some religious beliefs do not believe in you using makeup. But, this fact will forever remain that everyone has the right to decide what they want for her life. And some people's makeup is always too loud, in the sense that you can take them for another person because they have heavy makeup on their faces.

There are few factors you should check before applying makeup, that's if you're doing it for yourself because I believe someone who does Make-Up as a profession should have been taught those factors so that his or her client can look presentable, and as much as you will be making use of a professional in that field, you also must have discovered this factors so that no one will do what is not on your face and make you look incredibly different.

Here are some factors you should check: your skin tone, which does not necessarily have to be the color of your skin, but the general appearance of your skin. Another thing is your skin type, some skin is so sensitive to anything added to them, some skin can be the dry one, some are the oily ones, and so on, so know your skin type. And also, determine your skin color, which is very important, as it helps you understand what will look good on you when you finally have the makeup on. And I advise that you make use of the makeup before finally applying it to your face to get the right one for yourself.

So, let us check this creativity, and see the before and after of some makeup transformation, Enjoy!

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