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How To Prepare Moi Moi Without Peeling The Beans Skin

Do you know you can actually prepare moi moi without peeling off the skin and you will still get the same result even when the peel the beans skin.

Most mothers dont even prepare moi moi because they often think about the stress of peeling the skin beans., this article will explain some steps on how to prepare moi moi without peeling the skin and I bet you, you will love it.

My Moi Moi Recipe Without washing or peeling the Skin (BEAN PUDDING)


- Beans

- Fish

- Pepper

- Onion

- Garlic

- Ginger

- Long Red pepper (Shombo)

- Salt

- Oil

- Seasoning

- Leaves.


Step 1: Select and wash your beans, make sure there are no stones then add the ingredients and grind and before then prepare your fish and set aside.

Step 2: Before adding salt and seasoning, fry the cooked and mashed fish then pour into the grinded beans and mix thoroughly with water, salt and seasoning.

Step 3: On the floor of your pot put the stem of the leaves to prevent burning then wrap your Moi Moi and place them as you wrap.

Step 4: When you are done wrapping all, put on light and add little hot water to enable it get firm fast then watch and add water accordingly and in no time your Been Pudding is ready.

Very Delicious and Yummy.

Content created and supplied by: Guru9ja (via Opera News )

Moi Moi Shombo


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