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Do skin pores really open and close

DO PORES REALLY OPEN AND CLOSE - #Pores - Have you noticed that when a doctor talks to you about your health issue, they try to be as simple as much as possible, they use language that is simple to the ordinary person to understand and try to calm you down even if your condition is serious but if a doctor friend of his comes in and asks what's going on,

 They immediately switch to speaking in "doctor's language ", talking in medical terms and you're left confused and you start to panic, wondering if your situation is terrible but they are just not telling you, lol. 

Same as the issue of pores. 

We are all familiar with saying pores open and close but few people have approached me asking if pores really open and close and my answer is yes and no! 

Depends on who you're talking to. 

If you're talking to a skincare expert, you'll say no because in skincare or better still in medicine, there's a medical term called vasodilation and vasoconstriction. 

Vaso means blood and dilation means to free up and loosen while constriction means to tighten up or become narrow, 

so when we use ice on our skin to tighten the skin, what happens is vasoconstriction whereby your blood capillaries tighten while if you steam, your blood frees up causing it to loosen, so you get the feeling like your pores are open.

 I don't know if you understand the above explanation but that's a medical term as relating to skincare.

 Now to a regular person who is not versed in skincare and for the purposes of understanding what is happening in a particular regimen that requires explaining that the pores open and close, then yes the pores open and close. 

This is because we apply products and they sink in, we talk about pores getting clogged, we preach about steering away from products with harsh chemicals because they affect internal organs, we sweat and they come out through the pores and as such what we apply also penetrate and get absorbed into the skin. 

So whilst the pores don't open and close like doors, they absorb and dispense products and toxins through those tiny holes on skin called pores as the skin is permeable and as such if the skin experience a drop or increase in temperature, they constrict and dilate, that's on the blood level, not necessarily on the skin level .

 So in summary, if you ask me, does the pores open and close? 

Yes it does!

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